Special Sessions



Crisis and Risk Management
- The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11: What should we learn? -


14:35-16:35 Wednesday 17 October, 2012


Makuhari Messe, International Conference Hall, International Conference Room


English and Japanese
(Japanese-English simultaneous translations will be provided)


In March 2011 Japan suffered the Great East Japan Earthquake. This disaster was in a sense unprecedented, since it was accompanied by a nuclear plant accident, the influence of which upon the social and natural environment still lies beyond our calculation.

As the largest distance-learning university in Japan, the Open University of Japan has a duty to respond to the consequences of the Earthquake, although what OUJ can and should do is still a matter of debate. At AAOU 2012, we would like to provide a place where we may share our unique experience with people of international background in terms of the tasks of higher educational institutions at a time of crisis. We will show what we have done, and what we are thinking; and we are eager to learn what we should do from now on.

This session aims to provide the opportunity to bring together various voices and perspectives - of teachers and students, from the center of the nation and from the localities which suffered serious damage. We will also expect the voices of the others who might have the similar experience and those who would share the same concern over the task of university in the face of great crisis.


Ryuichi Yamaoka, Professor, The Open University of Japan

  1. Toward Globalizing Reconstruction Initiatives
    Takashi Mikuriya, Professor, The Open University of Japan
  2. Tsunami Damage along the Sanriku Coast and the Response of the Iwate Learning Center
    Tokumi Saito, Director of the Iwate Study Center, The Open University of Japan
  3. Response of the Open University of Japan (OUJ) to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Establishment of a Risk Management System
    Yumiko Nara, Professor, The Open University of Japan
    Tamae Onishi, Trustee, The Open University of Japan
  4. Response to graduate students affected by the 2011 earthquake at the Open University of Japan
    Nobuhiro Mori, MA Student, The Open University of Japan
    Yasuhiro Kawahara, Associate Professor, The Open University of Japan
  5. Panel Discussion