Concept of Our Websites


Accessibility policy

We aim at accessible sites that allow as many users as possible to access and browse them.


Main points to consider about accessibility

  • Websites created based on HTML
    Our websites are created in compliance with the HTML grammar so that relevant information may be delivered to as many people as possible.
  • Easy-to-understand websites
    Our websites are created using titles that enable readers to understand the content at a glance, as well as easily comprehensive words and phrases, so that readers may understand them easily.
  • Provision of information that does not rely on color, form and position
    The websites do not merely rely on the use of colors, forms and positions for providing information, but use other methods.
  • Color contrast
    While the use of colors on the websites is taken into consideration, sufficient color contrast is secured between the foreground color and background color, so that people with color-vision impairment may use them with comfort.
  • Consideration of character size
    With the functions of browser and support technology, users may change characters as they like.



Recommended browser versions

In principle, the Open University of Japan recommends browsing its websites using the following browsers based on Windows or Macintosh.

•  Internet Explorer(version 7.0 or later)
•  Firefox (version 3.0 or later)
•  Safari (4.0 or later)



If a document will not open when you click a part specified as PDF, "Adobe Acrobat Reader", a software for browsing PDF files, may not be installed in your personal computer. You may download “Adobe Acrobat Reader” from the following site free of charge.

Click here to download



Those who plan to set up a link to our websites are asked to contact the AAOU Secretariat of the Open University of Japan. Please note that links from sites established for advertising or publicizing any commerce, specific political party, organization, religion, etc. or those deemed offensive to public order and morals may not be accepted.

AAOU2012 Secretariat, The Open University of Japan
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The Open University of Japan (OUJ) may change or delete information or URL on its website without prior notice. In principle, OUJ has the copyright on the information provided on its websites.
No part of this information may be used or quoted without the prior consent of OUJ unless otherwise permitted by law.